Nick Hunt

Nick Hunt

Construction Manager

Nick is the maestro out in the field that keeps all the plates in the air and makes all of the front-end work come into reality. Nick is highly skilled in home building and is a huge asset to the team. He brings 15 years of “boots on the ground” experience as a builder and also knows a thing or two about the IRC. What’s more is the guy is a workhorse! Like all A-List Superintendents in my experience, he’s no stranger to grabbing tools and knowing how to use them. The best part is he even enjoys getting dirty enough that he can bail me out of a project when I’ve over committed my time… as I frequently do.

Nick is an awesome husband and father of two young boys. You might even see them from time to time following their Dad around on the job site. When he’s not giving all of his effort to the task at hand, you’ll find Nick flying around the skies above Montana as he works on his pilot’s license.